Text Box: Amram Musungu has a dream. The recent Westminster graduate originated from a small village outside Nairobi, Kenya. Amram said he wasn’t uncomfortable being one of three black students of his year; simply stating for him color is not an issue. Amram met no problems his first three years of school at Westminster, however in 2000 he was shocked to encounter prejudice. “One day I parked my car in the covered lot… some man came and wrote all bad words on my car,” he explained. Though he was shaken and afraid; he stated he trusted the campus patrol to do their job and didn’t even mention the incident to some of his friends. Nevertheless, Amram remains strong in his love for this college, even going so far as to recommending it to other perspective students in Kenya. “I love Westminster College, the Text Box: professors and students,” he said smiling.
Still, Amram has not forgotten where he has come from. Along with his family he started The Musungu HIV/AIDS Support Organization. Amram has big dreams for this organization. He plans to start ‘small’ helping a village with in his estimate around 200 orphans. “Our goal is to help the orphans whose parents have died of AIDS and the widows left homeless,” he explained. He went on further to explain how the people of this village have never had electricity or running water, things we take for granted. He said he wants to give light to these people, hope for the future. He plans to build a learning center in village where the children can learn and play. He spoke longingly of his own love of soccer and how he wished to pass it to these Text Box: children who have never experienced the thrill of having a soccer ball to play with.
Amram also believes that education is the only way to help the children grow stronger. “If we leave the kids in the same situation they are in now, they may not live long enough to see or achieve their dreams. They will turn to crime and will have no one to guide them,” Amram passionately explained. He said that the Kenyan government is not very concerned with the impoverished people. When asked what drew him to help people that the government didn’t even care about, he stated that he was inspired that the villagers who have no home or food to eat… smile. Amram had only good things to say about Americans, “American people are very kind, it’s a good thing to see their willingness to help third world countries.”
Why not prove him right?
Text Box: Millionaire: Madame C. J. Walker.
Billionaire: Robert Johnson, 2001, owner of Black Entertainment Television; Oprah Winfrey, 2003.
Portrayal on a postage stamp: Booker T. Washington, 1940 (and also 1956).
Miss America: Vanessa Williams, 1984, representing New York. When controversial photos surfaced and Williams resigned, Suzette Charles, the runner-up and also an African American, assumed the title. She represented New Jersey. Three additional African Americans have been Miss Americas: Debbye Turner (1990), Marjorie Vincent (1991), and Kimberly Aiken (1994).
Explorer, North Pole: Matthew A. Henson, 1909, accompanied Robert E. Peary on the first successful U.S. expedition to the North Pole.
        Explorer, South Pole: George Gibbs, 1939–1941 accompanied Richard Byrd.
Text Box: What’s in a Dream...
By Jessica Arnemann
Text Box: A Few Interesting African-American Firsts

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