BIO 102 The Natural World

Project Report Guidelines


Oral Presentation


Your oral presentation should take approximately 20 minutes. It should be accompanied by a PowerPoint presentation that illustrates your major points. Tables and graphs will help you communicate your point most effectively. Animated pictures and flying text can be a distraction. Each member of your group should have information to share during your oral presentation.


Written Report

Once youve composed your oral presentation, the written report should be simply a matter of compilation and grammar. Again, be sure to include all relevant tables and graphs. Additionally, you should be sure to include any necessary citations. Tables, graphs, and citations are all helpful for the same reason: General claims are more powerful when supported by evidence.


In composing your final project, you can use the steps of the scientific method that we discussed in class as a rough outline. This will help to organize your presentation and make it easier to follow. Remember, scientific experimentation is only useful if other people can understand what you did.


Sample Outline


Do leeches prefer living on carbonate-crusted pebbles or non-carbonate crusted pebbles in the streambed?