Bill Nye the Science Guy

Welcome to the way cool world of Bill Nye the Science Guy - dedicated to the proposition that science is fun!

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a series of 85 1/2 hour long programs designed to make science accessible and interesting to kids by relating science to their interests and everyday activities. Basic concepts are presented in a humorous and exciting format. The programís host, Bill Nye, conducts demonstrations and experiments in a variety of studio and field locations. Each program features a diverse cast of children, scientists and celebrity guests.

Why isn't Bill Nye on PBS anymore?
PBS decided not to re-air Bill Nye the Science Guy
because there are no new episodes, and they need to
make room in the schedule for new shows.

Where can I find the show?
The show will remain on syndication on the weekends for
the 1999-2000 schedule - check your local listings.

What will happen to the show after this season?
It will most likely go to a cable network

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