Selected Primary Sources (available in the library)


African American

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---. The Long Dream. Chatham, NJ: Chatham Bookseller.



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---. Under the Feet of Jesus. New York: Dutton.


Asian American

Bulosan, Carlos. America Is In The Heart. Seattle: University of Washington Press.

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---. China Men. New York: Knopf.

---. The Woman Warrior. New York: Knopf.

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Okada, John. No No Boy. ???

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---. The Joy Luck Club. New York: Putnam.

Wong Louie, David. The Barbarians are Coming. New York: Putnam.


Native American

Alexie, Sherman. First Indian on the Moon. Brooklyn: Hanging Loose Press.

---. The Toughest Indian in the World. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press.

Allen, Paula Gunn. The Woman Who Owned the Shadows. San Francisco: Spinsters/Aunt Lute.

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---. Hotline Healers: An Almost Browne Novel. Hanover, NH: Weslyan UP.

Welch, James. The Indian Lawyer. New York: Penguin.

---. Winter in the Blood. New York: Penguin.

---. Fools Crow. New York: Penguin.

Zitkala-Sa. Impressions of an Indian Childhood. Charlottesville, VA: Un. of Virgina Library.

---. A Warrior's Daughter. Charlottesville, VA: Un. of Virgina Library.

---. Why am I a Pagan. Charlottesville, VA: Un. of Virgina Library.