Over 100 Utah Schools Now Offering Exploring Computer Science

Workshop Quotes:

"Thanks for building an environment where we were able to learn by experience."

"Overall this was the most informative PD I have ever been a part of. The facilitators were all amazing."

"...it was a great experience and I got to meet a lot of people in my same boat. On all my tables I exchanged communication info to collaborate on different things."

"This has been a worthwhile experience and one that I was glad to participate in."

"Excelent Job. Week well spent."

"I was extremely impressed with the staff--one of the best I have had in 32 years of teaching. Very kind, honest, accepting, open, fun and knowledgeable."

"I LOVE this stuff. Thank you for letting me be a part of this great curriculum. Thank you for making this course available for students."


  • June 2016 - Exploring Computer Science Workshop
        Interested in a June 2016 Workshop? Nominate yourself or another teacher for the Exploring Computer Science program. Click here to see more information about the program.

  • Summer 2016 - Computer Science Principles Workshop
        Interested in a Summer 2016 Workshop? Nominate yourself or another teacher for the Computer Science Principles program. Click here for more details on the program.

What is Exploring Computer Science (ECS)?

The full Exploring Computer Science curriculum has six units, which are broken down into 158 days of 55-minute lessons. While the full-year curriculum is preferable because it demonstrates more applications of computational thinking, Utah has implemented ECS as a half-year curriculum to fulfill the half-year Computer Tech graduation requirement. Utah's half-year version of ECS includes:

  • All 19 days of Unit 1 (Human Computer Interaction)
  • All 21 days of Unit 2 (Problem Solving)
  • All 30 days of Unit 4 (Programming with Scratch)
  • Days 0-15 from the 30 days of Unit 5 (Computing and Data Analysis)