Westminster College Institutional Review Board (IRB)


Institutional Review Board 

for the Protection of Human Subjects


The Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews research projects that involve human subjects, conducted by anyone on the premises of Westminster College and research conducted elsewhere by faculty, students, staff or other representatives of the College. The IRB is not responsible for animal research.


IRB Purpose and Function (pdf)




Westminster IRB Guidelines


Individuals wishing to have a research proposal reviewed by the IRB should follow the Decision Tree to determine whether IRB approval is necessary, and if so, whether the activity requires expedited or full IRB review.

  • If the research is a non-reviewed activity, no action is required.
  • If the research qualifies for an exemption, submit one typed original of Form G to the chair of the IRB.
  • If the research qualifies for an expedited review, submit one typed original of the proposal (including Forms A-F) to the chair of the IRB.
  • If the research requires a full board review, submit five typed originals of the proposal (including Forms A-F).
  • If you have questions about which category applies to your project, please contact the IRB chair.


Proposal deadlines are September 5, November 15, January 15, March 15, and May 15. Full board review will occur within ten working days of the deadline dates. Please submit your applications as Word or PDF files in an email to the IRB chair: Robert Shaw



Form A: Research Proposal Format

Form B: Consent Form (Adults)

Form C: Short Consent Form (Adults)

Form D: Parent/Guardian Permission Form

Form E: Assent Form for Minors

Form F: IRB Approval Notification Form

Form G: Notification to IRB of Exempt Research Activities

All Forms (Forms A-G and Appendices) in one Word document



Appendix: Examples of Risk and Minimal Risk

Appendices: Charts 1 and 2 for Identifying Exempt Research



Federal Regulations


Office for Human Research Protections

National Institutes of Health

NIH Training on Protecting Human Research Participants




Contact Information

Questions should be directed to current chair of the IRB: 


Robert A. Shaw (IRB Chair): 832-2474  


Last updated May 27, 2006