Natasha Sajé

 (801) 832-2376  Westminster College




1995  Ph.D. University of Maryland, English

1980  M.A. Johns Hopkins University, Writing Seminars

1976  B.A. University of Virginia, English Honors




"'Artful Artlessness': Reading the Coquette in the Novel, 1724-1913"         

Director: Linda S. Kauffman     

I trace the coquette—a woman who gains power through verbal and body language—as a figure of discourse through eighteenth-century British novels and conduct books, with a major focus on American novelists Hannah Webster Foster, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Henry James, and Edith Wharton. I argue that the coquette's "art" challenges hierarchies that limit human potential, such as those between natural and artificial, male and female, true and false.


Teaching Experience


Westminster College, Salt Lake City, UT 84105

Assistant Professor of English, 1998-2002; Associate Professor, 2002 to 2009;

Professor, 2009 to present. 

Director of the Anne Newman Sutton Weeks Poetry Series

Teach courses in literature (Introduction to Literature, Middle Eastern Literature, Introduction to Literary Studies, American Realism and Modernism, English Senior Thesis Seminar); creative writing (Introduction to Creative Writing, Poetry Workshop, Nonfiction Workshop, Senior Thesis); and composition. Advise literary magazine (ellipsis). Write grants for poetry series and ellipsis. 1998 to present


Program/Division Chair, 2010 to 2103.

Responsible for hiring and overseeing 19 adjunct instructors; designing and staffing English program schedule; meetings with other division chairs; curriculum and hiring line initiatives; student worker program; program review and assessment.


Vermont College MFA in Writing Program, Montpelier, VT 05602

Faculty, Poetry:  December 1996 to present

Lecture and teach workshops in poetry, translation, and creative nonfiction. Guide students through individual courses of study.


Johns Hopkins University, Part-Time Graduate Division, Washington, D.C., 1994 to 1998

Instructor: Graduate courses: Poetry Workshops; 20th-Century World Literature; Voice in Modern Short Fiction; Fiction Workshop; Contemporary Literature; Identity Politics and the Contemporary Writer. Made admissions decisions on poetry applicants and acted as advisor to poetry students; read theses.


Maryland State Arts Council, Poet-in-Residence, 1989 to 1998

Poetry writing workshops for grades 3-12 and workshops for teachers.


Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, 1993 to 1998

Instructor:  "The American Dream: Gender, Race, Class, and Ethnicity, 1865-1993," essay writing, introduction to literature courses, poetry workshops.


Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD     Writing Seminars, 1996-1997

Visiting Lecturer: advanced undergraduate poetry workshops.


Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Virginia.

Margaret Banister Writer-in-Residence, Fall 1995: advanced undergraduate poetry workshop.


University of Maryland English Department, 1988-1994

Teaching Assistant: Courses taught:  Advanced Poetry Writing, Critical Methods, Introduction to the Novel, Women in Literature, Professional Writing, Composition.


Mentor Teacher: Supervisor of new teaching assistants.


Goucher College, Maryland, 1982-1987

Instructor: Three levels of composition in a computer-integrated program. Taught creative writing workshops in the continuing education program.


Business Writing at Its Best, 1985-1990

Workshops for business executives.



Books of Poems


Vivarium (Spring 2014, Tupelo Press)


Bend  (2004, Tupelo Press) Utah Book Award for Poetry


Red Under the Skin (1994, U. of Pittsburgh Press, Winner of Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize)


Book of Criticism

Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory (forthcoming 2014, University of Michigan Press)

Chapters on Etymology, Syntax, Rhythm, Surprise, Figurative Language, Form, Structuring Books, Narrative, and Performance.



Memoir with Recipes



“A Sexy New Animal:  The DNA of the Prose Poem,” The Writer’s Chronicle 44(5) March-April 2012: 34-49.


“The Prose Poem as a Modest Act” in Justify This: Contemporary Poets on the Prose Poem, forthcoming Persea Books, 2015.


“Poetry and Ethics: Writing about Others,” The Writer’s Chronicle 42(3) December 2009:14-21.


“Metonomy, the Neglected (but Necessary) Trope,” American Poetry Review Jan/Feb 2009 (Volume 38, No.1)


“Narrative and Poetry,” The Writer’s Chronicle 41 (1) September 2008: 62-72.


“Rhythm and Repetition in Free Verse, or, the Poet as Witch,” The Writer’s Chronicle 39 (5) March 2007:25-35.


“Frontloading Syntax,” The Writer’s Chronicle 38(2) October 2005: 46-53.


“Dynamic Design: Structuring Books of Poems,” The Iowa Review 35(2) Fall 2005: 149-162.


“The Politics of Literary Evaluation,” The Writer’s Chronicle 36(6) May 2004: 24-32.


“Roots in our Throats: A Case for Using Etymology,” The Writer’s Chronicle 35(6) May 2003: 50-56.


“Gertrude Stein’s Granddaughters: A Reading of Surprise.” The Writer’s Chronicle 34 (4) February 2002: 38-45.


"Open Coffins and Sealed Books: The Death of the Coquette in Harriet Beecher Stowe's Dred." Legacy: A Journal of         American Women Writers 15(2) Fall 1998: 158-170.


"'Artful Artlessness': Reading the Coquette in Roderick Hudson." The Henry James Review 18 (Spring 1997): 161-172.


"'The Assurance to Write, The Vanity of Expecting to Be Read': Deception and Reform in Mary Davys' The Reform'd Coquet." Essays in Literature 23 (Fall 1996): 165-177.


"D.H. Lawrence, Hamlet, and Sons and Lovers," Dalhousie Review 71(3) (1992): 334-347.


Reviews and Interviews



Interview with Wanda Coleman, forthcoming March 2014 The Writer’s Chronicle


Interview with Diane Lefer, The Writer’s Chronicle December 2013: 50-58.


Interview with Kamau Brathwaite, “KB in Utah,” Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 40(2-3) April-July 2009:203-274.


Interview with Derek Walcott (with George Handley), Ariel: A Review of International English Literature 32 (2) April 2001: 129-144.


Interview with Maxine Kumin. Arts and Letters 5 (Spring 2001): 12-25.


"Dynamic Design: Review of books by Stuart Friebert, C.D. Wright, Sarah Gorham & Rod Smith" Prairie Schooner 74(4) Winter 2001: 167-174.


Review: Sandra Alcosser, Except By Nature, Poet Lore 94(4) Winter 2000: 65-67.


Review: "Collective Music," Chezia Thompson-Cager, Giant Talk; and Forrest Hamer, Call and Response. Poet Lore 92 (2) Summer 1997: 61-64.


Review: "A Finely Nuanced Darkness," Elaine Terranova, Damages. Poet Lore 91 (3) Winter 1996: 61-62.


Review: "Travelers in Time," Barbara Guest, Selected Poems, and Josephine Jacobsen, In the Crevice of Time. Poet Lore 91 (2) Fall 1996: 70-73.


Review:  Women and Romance by Laurie Langbauer; Daughters, Fathers, and the Novel by Lynda Zwinger; and Women, Love and Power by Elaine Hoffman Baruch; for Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society 19(1) Autumn 1993: 276-279.


Personal Essays and Journalism


“Parsley” Alimentum   ( Spring/Summer 2013


“My Year in Fruit   October 2013


“Capon” forthcoming Alimentum


“Almond-Amaranth Pizzelles” in Eating Our Words: Poets Share Their Favorite Recipes, Tupelo Press, 2014


“How to Prepare Yourself for the Academic Job Market,” September 2010 AWP Job List


“Down to the Wire,” New York Times Style Section 19 April 2009 Modern Love Column


“Reading Sula in Salt Lake City” (forthcoming Twentieth-Century Literature, “Academic Orthodoxies,” edited by Lisa Ruddick)


“On Reading Mr. Mani,” New Ohio Review Fall 2008


“The Telephone Interview,” Associated Writing Programs Job List September 2006.


“Teaching for Tips,” Liberal Education 91(1) Winter 2005: 48-51.


“A Recipe to Share: Women’s Writing Groups and Community,” So to Speak: A Feminist Journal 13(1) Winter/Spring 2004: 55-59.


"The Poetic Process as an Agent of Growth," Maryland Poetry Review 15 (Fall 1996): 47.


"An Uneasy Relationship: Women, Housework, and Writing," The American Voice 39 (Spring 1996): 84-90.


Selected Poems


Selected Poems, Pen West Center,

“Sluice Pool Turn” and “Vanessa Redgrave Marries Franco Nero After Forty Years,” Crazyhorse Issue 85 Spring 2014

“Dear Fisher Cat” and “The Rope” Solstice Summer 2013

“Vivarium” Alaska Quarterly Review Fall & Winter 2012

“Happy and Sad” The Minnesota Review 79   2012

“Beauty Secrets, Revealed by the Queen in Snow White” Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day, January 31, 2012

“Index to My Life as a Book on Beguines” Barrow Street Winter 2011

“Circumflex,” “Plot,” and “Knell” Literary Imagination November 2011

“R” Connotation Press: An Online Artifact  April-May 2011

“Tinguage Drunken Boat Issue #13-March 2011(

“Ode to eBay” North American Review Winter 2011

 Upon Learning that Kangaroos and Emus Can’t Move Backward” North American Review Fall 2010

“Milk River” and “Notes on Milk River” Kenyon Review Winter 2011

“Palimpsest” Shenandoah  December 2009 rptd Poetry Daily

“U.S.A. Today” Sugarhouse Review (inaugural issue) Fall 2009

“Against Chronology” and “Two Thieves” Cerise Review (inaugural issue) Summer 2009

“Anathema” New Ohio Review  Fall 2009

“Brief Bio,”  “Essay on Touch,” “Dear John, Dear Mr. Milton,” Western Humanities Review  Spring 2009

“G” and “Š” Denver Quarterly Fall 2008

“O” and “M Pool (#7, 2008)

“The Sheep’s Tail Antioch Review Fall 2008

“Alibi” Emprise Review Fall 2008  (includes interview)

“Refraction: Moby Dick” and “Refraction: The Scarlet Letter” (American Poetry Journal Summer 2007)

“Ghosts,” “Mourner,” “This Moment,” “My Guardian Angel,” (translations of Miriam Drev)   Chelsea 82/83 (November 2007).

“C” and “Q  Cincinnati Review Summer 2007

“D” Paper Street (Fall 2007) issue includes interview

“Legacy” (translation of Miriam Drev) Seneca Review, Spring 2007

“Sacrifice: An Interview” Wheelhouse Summer 2007

“J” Salt Flats Annual 2007

“W” VOLT February 2007

“E,” “N,” “V,” “Z” Prairie Schooner Winter 2006

“F” Beloit Poetry Journal Winter 2006-2007

 “L,” “P” and “T,” Gettysburg Review Fall 2005

“B” and “H,” Pool #4, 2005

“Y” and “S,” Puerto del Sol  Summer 2005

 “Divine Plan,” “Catamenia,” and “Passing,” XConnect  2004

“Marcel at the Station House,” Paris Review Summer 2003

“Dear One” and “Seven Types of Ambiguity,Quarterly West Summer 2003

“The Tunnel” and “On Melancholy,” Virginia Quarterly Review Fall 2003

“Pink Parken,” Tar River Poetry Fall 2003

“Chicken Scratch” and “My Secret Life,Shenandoah Fall 2003

“Wave,” “Heaven,” and “The Art of the Novel,” The Southern Review Fall 2002

 “Flying Home” and “Tale,” Prairie Schooner Fall 2002

“Song of the Cook,” “trouble,” and “Bad News,” Exquisite Corpse Spring 2002

“Leave No Trace,” Antioch Review Summer 2002

 “I See,” “Reading the Menu,” and “Thanksgiving,” Beloit Poetry Journal Summer 2002

“View of Utrecht” and “Avatar,” Women’s Review of Books April 2002

 A Girl of the Streets,New Zoo Poetry Review  Spring 2002

“The Philosopher’s Name Was Misspelled Everywhere,” “The Statues,” and “Graphology,  Ploughshares  Spring 2002

“We Saw No Caribou,  Parnassus (Winter 2002) rptd Poetry Daily

"Wonders of the Invisible World," Paris Review Winter 2002

 “Marble Steps,” Crab Orchard Review Spring/Summer 2001

"Theme and Variations for Flute, Snail, and Bird," Colorado Review Spring 2001

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"Bend" and "Reading Henry Fowler's Modern English Usage in Salt Lake City in November," Kenyon Review Fall 2000

"Channel," The New Republic 15 September 2000

"Beyond Good and Evil" and "White," Gettysburg Review Spring 2000

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"A Minor Riot at the Mint," Ploughshares Fall 1998

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"I am peeling four pink grapefruit," Shenandoah Spring 1998 rptd. Poetry Daily

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"Fruit," Gargoyle 1998

"Heloise to Abelard" and "Night Writing," Luna Spring 1998

"Astrology" and "Why I Won't Pierce My Ears," Crab Orchard Review Fall 1997 

"I Want But Can't Remember," Shenandoah Fall 1996

"Scrabble," Shenandoah Spring 1996

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"A Short History of the Sybarites," Poetry May 1993

"What Difference Does It Make?"  Ploughshares Spring 1993

"Reeling," Chelsea Fall 1992

"L'Oustau de Baumanière," The American Voice Fall 1992

"Rampion" and "Chocolates," Antaeus Fall 1992


Work in Anthologies and Textbooks, Reprinted Poems and Essays


Northern Woodlands Magazine  (December 2013)

Wingbeats II: Poetry Exercises (Dos Gatos Press, 2014)

Feast: Poetry and Recipes for a Full Seating at Dinner (Black Lawrence Press, 2014)

The Widow’s Handbook (Kent State UP, 2014)

Unruly Catholic Women Writers (SUNY P, 2013) “Arts Beat” January 23, 2012

A Face to Meet the Faces: An Anthology of Contemporary Persona Poetry (U of Akron P, 2012)

Best of Potomac Review (Issue 50 Fall 2011)

Fire on Her Tongue: An eBook Anthology of Contemporary Women's Poetry. Ebook, Two Sylvias Press (, 2011

Poets of the American West (Many Voices, 2010)

The Working Poet: Seventy-five Exercises in Poetry Writing (Autumn House, 2009)

Contemporary American Women’s Poetry (Autumn House, 2008)

Words Overflown by Stars: Creative Writing Instruction and Insight from the Vermont College of Fine Arts M.F.A. Faculty (Writer’s Digest Books, 2008)

Poetikon 15/16 (November-December 2007) selected Saje poems translated into Slovenian

Best American Poetry 2007

Manthology  (U of Iowa P, 2006)

Rough Places Plain (Salt Marsh, 2006)

Mona Poetica (Mayapple Press, 2005)

Sweeping Beauty: Contemporary Women Poets on Housework  (U of Iowa P, 2005)

Contemporary American Poetry (Autumn House, 2005)

Poetry East: Origins: Poets on the Composition Process (#55, 2005)

Sustenance and Desire: A Food Lover’s Anthology of Sensuality and Humor (Godine, 2004)

Poetry Speaks  (Source Books, 2003)

Mercy of Tides (Salt Marsh, 2003)

Are You Experienced? Baby Boom Poets at Midlife (U of Iowa P, 2003)

O Taste and See: Food Poems (Bottom Dog Press, 2003)

Proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge (Grayson, 2003)

The Poets’ Grimm (Storyline, 2003)

Strongly Spent: Fifty Years of Poetry (Washington & Lee U, 2003)

Poets of the New Century (Godine, 2001)

Writing Poems 5th & 6th Editions (Addison, Wesley, Longman, 2000, 2003)

Adirondack Review (Fall 2001)

The American Voice Poetry Anthology (Kentucky, 1998)

Everyday Creative Writing (NCTE, 1996)

Hungry As We Are (Washington Writers House, 1995)

What’s Become of Eden: Poems of Family at Century’s End (Slapering Hol Press, 1994)

Poetry Daily (Fall 2005; Fall 2003; Summer 2002; Winter 2002; Spring 1998)

Verse Daily (September 2002)


Selected Presentations


Keynote. “Language Speaks Us.” College English Association, Caribbean Chapter,

            Mayagűez, Puerto Rico, March 15, 2014


“Teaching Ethics in Creative Writing,” Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention,

            Boston, MA 2013


“Teaching Creative Nonfiction as a Quiz,” Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention, Washington, D.C. 2011


“Poetry and Ethics: Writing about Others,” National Federation of State Poetry Societies, National Convention, Layton, Utah, June 2008


 “The Politics of Translation.” Chair.  Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention, New York, 2008


“Can a Cobbler Make a Revolutionary Shoe?” Discussion of Literature and Politics with writer Diane Lefer at the Utah Book Festival, October 2007


“Roots in Our Throats: Poets Using Etymology.” Chair. Associated Writing Programs Annual                 Convention, Austin, 2006


“Poems from Bend.”  Utah Book Festival, September 2004


“What Makes a Book Popular? What Makes a Book Good?” Salt Lake Public Library, May 2004


“Poets Reading Novels; Novelists Reading Poems,” Panelist. Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention, Chicago, 2004.


“The Politics of Literary Evaluation,” Loveland, Colorado Poets in the Park, July 2003


“Translating Poetry/Translating Culture,” Chair.  Associated Writing Programs

Annual Convention, Baltimore, 2003


“Roots in Our Throats”: Poetry Master Class. National Collegiate Honors Council

            Salt Lake City, Utah, November 2002


“Problems in Reading Middle Eastern Literature”

Utah Humanities Council Lecturer, Fall 2001 to 2007


“Hunger and Excess: Women, Food, and Poetry,” Panelist. Associated Writing Programs

            Annual Convention, New Orleans, 2002


Contemporary American Poetry: Talk & Reading (invited speaker)

            College English Association, Caribbean Chapter Conference

            November 2001, Mayagűez, Puerto Rico


“Writing about the ‘Other’: Who Is Allowed to Say What about Whom?” Chair.

Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention, Palm Springs, 2001


Interview with Derek Walcott. Utah Book Festival, Salt Lake City, September 2000


Interview with Maxine Kumin. Utah Book Festival, Salt Lake City, September 1999


"Bridges between Critical Theory and Creative Writing," Chair. Associated Writing Programs Annual Convention, Pittsburgh, 1995


"'The Assurance To Write, The Vanity of Expecting To Be Read':   The Coquette as Woman Writer."  South Atlantic Modern Language Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, November 1994.


"Sorcery in the Street: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Edith Wharton, and the Undine as Woman Novelist." American Studies Association Annual Meeting, Nashville, October 1994.


"Every Dante Needs a Beatrice: Henry James and Minny Temple." Redefining Henry James's Place in Culture. Henry James Sesquicentennial Symposium, New York, June 1993.


"Hannah Webster Foster's Unsentimental Novels.” American Literature Association Annual Convention, Baltimore, May 1993.


and poetry readings at many colleges, universities, arts festivals, and bookstores




2014 Westminster College Student/Faculty Travel Grant

2013 Henkels Summer Research Grant

2012 Westminster College Student/Faculty Research Grant

2011 Gore Summer Research Grant

2010 Camargo Foundation Fellowship

2009 Educator of Excellence, Writers@Work

2009 Merit Leave, Westminster College

2008 Utah Original Writing Competition, First Place, Poetry

2008 Gore Summer Research Grant

2008 Alice Fay di Castagnola Award (for ms in progress), Poetry Society of America

2006 Gore Summer Research Grant

2006 Westminster College Faculty/Student Research Grant

2004 Utah Book Award in Poetry

2004-2005 Fulbright Grantee/Slovenia

2004 Utah Humanities Council Colton Research Fellowship

2003 Merit Leave, Westminster College

2003 Distinguished Teaching Award, Vermont College

2002 Utah Humanities Council Friend of the Humanities Award

2002 Campbell Corner Poetry Prize

2001 Utah Original Writing Competition, First Place, Poetry 

2001 Gore Summer Research Grant

2000 Westminster College Faculty/Student Development Grant

1999 Utah Individual Artist Grant

1999 Judith Siegel Pearson Poetry Award, Wayne State University

1998 Robert Winner Award, Poetry Society of America

1996 White River Writers Conference Fellowship

1995 Towson State Prize in Literature for Red Under the Skin

1995 Banister Writer-in-Residence, Sweet Briar College

1995 Worcester County Summer Arts Grant

1994 Baltimore CityArts Community Development Grant

1993 Agnes Lynch Starrett Poetry Prize for Red Under the Skin

1993 Paumanok Poetry Award, Runner Up

(Visiting Writer, SUNY-Farmingdale)

1993 Maryland Individual Artist Grant in Poetry

1993 Academy of American Poets Prize

2012, 2011, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2003, 1996, 1993, 1992 Pushcart Prize Nominations

1992 Squaw Valley Community of Writers Award


Westminster College Service


Admitted Freshman Placement Reader, 2013-present

Faculty Senate, Fall 2013

English Program Chair, Summer 2010 to Summer 2013

McNair Mentor, 2013

Liberal Education Committee, Fall 2011 to Summer 2013

Academic Productivity Learning Community, Co-Chair, 2012-13

Arts & Sciences Promotion Committee Chair, 2010-2011

Creative and Reflective Capacities Learning Goals Workshop, September 2008

Faculty Affairs Committee, 2002-2003 and 2007 to 2009

Task Force on Internationalism, Summer 2007

Peer Review Committees: 1999; 2000; 2003(chair); 2004; 2005; 2008(chair); 2010(2); 2011(3); 2012 (3, chair of 1); 2014 (chair).

Sabbatical Committee, 2005 to 2007

AAUP Chapter Vice President, 2006 to present

Ad Hoc Faculty Evaluation Committee, 2005 to 2009

Arts & Sciences Promotion Procedures Committee, Spring 2006 to 2007

Athletic Facilities Director Search Committee, Fall 2005

English Department Search Committees, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2007 (chair), 2011 (chair), 2012 (chair)

Grievance Committee, 2002, 2008, 2012, (training 2013-2014)

Diversity Task Force, Team Leader, Spring 2003

McNair Scholarship Committee, Reader & Advisor, Spring 2003 to 2008

Building and Planning Committee, Faculty Representative, 2000 to 2002

Arts & Sciences Curriculum Committee, 2001 to 2007

English Department, IT liaison, 2000 to 2008

Faculty Advisor, Westminster College Pride Club, Fall 2000 to Fall 2002

Faculty Advisor, Ellipsis, Westminster College Literary Journal     Fall 1998 to present


Other Service


Judge, Utah Sterling Scholar Award in English, 2013

Judge, Crab Creek Review Poetry Contest, 2013

Judge, Akron Poetry Prize (Akron University Press), Summer 2011

Lecturer, Forum for Questioning Minds, Salt Lake City Library, February 2011

Lecturer, Utah Valley State University, “Happenings in Humanities,” January 2010

Reviewer, Promotion File for Natania Rosenfeld, Knox College, Fall 2010

Judge, National Federation of State Poetry Societies, Founder’s Award, May 2009

Fulbright Scholar Program, Creative Writing Specialist, three years, August 2007 to August 2009

Poetry Out Loud, Utah State Competition Judge, April 2008

Vermont College of Fine Arts, Accreditation Steering Committee, July-December 2007

Hunger Mountain, co-editor, Fall 2007 issue

Reviewer, Promotion File for Michael Sowder, Utah State University, 2005

Writers@Work,  Board Member and Faculty Chair, 2000 to 2005

Advisory Committee, Utah Book Festival, 2000 to 2003

Utah Arts Council, Literature Advisory Panel, Fall 2002 to 2005

Arizona Commission on the Arts, Poetry Juror, Fall 2002

Salt Lake City Public Library, “Spilling the Beans: Can We Talk about Our Differences?”

Model Book Discussion, October 2002

Reviewer, Promotion File for Harryette Mullen, UCLA, 2003

Reader, Utah State University Press/May Swenson Award. 1998 to 2003

Reader, AWP Poetry Award Series, Spring 2000-2003

Utah Center for the Book, Juror, 2002-2003

Judge, Academy of American Poets Student Contest, BYU, Spring 2002

Vermont College MFA in Writing Program, Advisory Committee, 2001-2002

Reviewer, Utah Arts Council Literary Grants. Spring 2001; Summer 2001.

Judge, 1999-2000 Eisteddfod Poetry Competition. Brigham Young University

AWP Benefit Reader, 1999

Judge, "Say the Word" National Competition for Poems about Food. Arlington County Arts Council, 1999

Judge, University of Texas at El Paso Student Poetry Contest. 1999

Judge, Poet Lore Narrative Poetry Contest. Spring 1998

Columnist, Women's Literature Review. Fall 1996 to Fall 1998

Honors Program Committee, Maryland Institute College of Art, Summer 1996 to 1998

Reader, Mosaic: A Journal for the Interdisciplinary Study of Literature. 1993 to 1996

Graduate English Organization Speaker Committee, University of

Maryland, Spring 1993

English Department Personnel Committee, University of Maryland, 1990 to1992

Ethos, Graduate Literary Journal, University of Maryland, 1989 to1990 

Reviewer, Freshman Writing Textbooks, University of Maryland, 1988 to1990




Fluent in French and German, reading knowledge of Italian