March 15th, 2010

Conference Time and Place

June 24-26, 2010, at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. Brigham Young University is co-hosting the conference and selected activities will be spent at their Provo campus, located south of Salt Lake City. Bus transportation will be provided.


We welcome papers on any topic related to Generative Anthropology, especially papers which deal with issues surrounding Modernity, aesthetics, the free market, secularization, the role of science and technology, and visual culture. Topics may include:

- Anthropological/Sociological definitions of Modernity
- (Post) Modern aesthetics
- The emergence of the modern Free Market
- The ritualization of daily life
- Secularization in the state and/or schools
- Morals vs. Ethics
- Enlightenment and the Social Contract
- Superstition vs. Cartesian rational thinking
- New Atheism
- The devaluing of the Sacred
- Modern technology and the faith in science
- Visual and virtual culture
- Patriarchs of Modernity: Freud, Darwin, Marx, Nietzsche
- Manifestoes of secularization
- Fundamentalism and Reactionary thought
- Neo-Conservatism
- Literature and art that deal with secularization and the death of the sacred

Preference will be given to papers with direct relevance to Generative Anthropology, but we also welcome submissions pertinent to Rene Girard's mimetic theory or which involve fundamental reflection upon the human. For more information on Generative Anthropology visit (Select papers will be considered for inclusion in a future academic volume on the conference theme).

For a printable flier of the conference CFP, please click here.

Abstracts for papers of 20 minutes should be sent by attachment in Microsoft Word or Word Perfect format to Professor Robert J. Hudson or Professor Peter Goldman.


Salt Lake City is a cosmopolitan city with many attractions, including the historic downtown LDS Temple Square. The nearby Wasatch mountain range offers many opportunities for hiking and mountain biking. Moab, Yellowstone, and several National Parks are located within a day’s drive of the city.