Locations are at Westminster College unless otherwise noted
Last updated 6/11/10

Wednesday, June 23rd
6:00 -- 9:00pm Welcome Party at Salt Lake Pizza & Pasta.

Thursday, June 24th
8:00 -- 9:00am Registration and Continental Breakfast: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
9:00 -- 10:00am Opening Session: Welcome to the Conference and Introduction to Generative Anthropology Gore Building, room 228.

  • Dr. Adam Katz (Quinnipiac University)
10:00 -- 10:15am Coffee break: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
10:15 -- 11:15pm Panel: Mashups and Moshpits: Modern and Postmodern Anthropology Gore Building, room 228.

  • Richard Hannon (Palomar College) "From Punk Moshpits to Male-dominated Virtual Communities: Amending the Originary Hypothesis through Oedipus to Account for Culture as a Patriarchal Construct"
  • Stacey Meeker (UCLA) "Memes, Mashups, and Modernity"
11:15 -- 12:15pm Panel: Authority and Reciprocity in Kafka Gore Building, room 228.

  • Gus Paras (Westminster College) "Derrida's Dagger: The Weapon of Non-Response in Kafka's "The Castle"
  • Eleanor Scholz (Westminster College) "Justifying the Aesthetic Center in Kafka's 'Josephine the Singer'"
12:15 -- 2:00pm Lunch (on your own)
2:00 -- 3:30pm Panel: Configurations of the Sacred in Modernity Gore Building, room 228.

  • A. Trevor Sutton (Concordia Theological Seminary) "Refining the Scapegoat: Isaac, Jesus of Nazareth, and Beyond"
  • Michael Popich (Westminster College) "The Sacred, the Secular, and the Problem of the Holocaust"
3:45 -- 5:30pm Generative Anthropology Business meeting. Gore Building, room 131.
5:30 -- 7:00pm Dinner (on your own)
7:00 -- 8:30pm Plenary Lecture - Gore Building, Gore Auditorium.
  • Dr. Vince Pecora (University of Utah) "Secularism, Secularization, and Why the Difference Matters"

Friday, June 25th
7:30 -- 8:00am Continental Breakfast: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
8:00 -- 9:30am Panel: Renaissance Anthropology - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Jordan Loveridge (Westminster College) Language and Misrepresentation in "Hamlet"
  • Peter Goldman (Westminster College) "Paradise Lost as Anthropology"
  • Richard Van Oort (University of Victoria, Canada) "Shakespearean Anthropology"
9:30 -- 9:45am Coffee Break: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
9:45 -- 11:45am Panel: Transcendental Phenomenology, Anthropology, and Modern Popular Culture - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Alexander Izrailevsky (Salt Lake Community College) "Trauma as the Existential Modality of the Transcendental Subject: A Levinasian Reading of Kafka's 'The Judgment'"
  • Michael Bell (Westminster College) "You've been lying in wait for me": The Distance of the Perceived Mediators in Kafka's "The Judgment"
  • Amir Khan (University of Ottawa) "A Conversation between Friends: Fred Astaire and Michael Jackson"
  • Edmond Wright (Cambridge University, UK) "The Use of 'Avatar' as Analogy"
11:45 -- 1:30pm Lunch (on your own)
1:30pm Assemble at Westminster College behind Shaw Center for Bus to Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Bus leaves promptly at 1:45pm
3:30 -- 5:00pm Panel: Romantic Anthropology - BYU Tanner 110

  • Robert Hudson (BYU) "Between sainte and fée: Nerval's sacred/profane dialectic in Les Chimères"
  • Sara Phenix (University of Pennsylvania) "Balzac and Girard"
  • Ian Dennis (University of Ottawa, Canada) "The Powers and Purposes of Romantic Joy"
5:00 -- 6:00pm Free time to explore the BYU campus.
6:00 -- 7:15pm Plenary Lecture - BYU JKB 2107
  • Dr. Eric Gans (UCLA) "Haven't We Always Been Modern?"
7:30 -- 9:30pm Banquet Dinner at Ruby River Restaurant in Provo

Saturday, June 26th
8:00 -- 8:30am Continental Breakfast: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
8:30 -- 10:00am 19th Century Mimetic Configurations - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Marina Ludwigs (Stockholm University, Sweden) "'A Democracy of Touch:' Red Trousers and Masochism in D. H. Lawrence's Lady Chatterley's Lover"
  • Matthew Potolsky (University of Utah) "Aestheticism and the Politics of Imitation: Walter Bagehot and Oscar Wilde"
10:00 -- 10:30am Coffee Break: Gore Building Foyer (west side)
10:30 -- 12:00pm Panel: Originary Theory - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Adam Katz (Quinnipiac University) "Originary Mistakenness, Defilement and Modernity"
  • Andrew Bartlett (Kwantlen Polytechnic University, Canada) "Originary Personhood"
  • Matthew Schneider (High Point University) "A Paean to Power: Mechanical and Interpretive"
12:00 -- 2:00pm Lunch (on your own)
2:00 -- 3:30pm Panel: Anthropology of the Sacred in 19th-century France - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Scott Sprenger "Balzac and Anthropology of Revolutionary Violence" (BYU).
  • Jean-Michel Heimonet "Tocqueville, Democracy, and the Sacred" (Catholic University of America)
  • Douglas Collins "The Accounts Book of the Gods: Commerce and Religion in Benjamin Constant" (University of Washington)
  • Discussant: Ralph Hancock (BYU)
3:30 -- 6:00pm Break to explore Salt Lake City. Tours of the downtown Temple Square will be available with bus transportation available.
6:00 -- 7:00pm Roundtable Discussion: Secularization and Modernity - Gore Building, room 228.

  • Dr. Eric Gans (UCLA)
  • Dr. Vincent Pecora (University of Utah)
  • Moderator: Trevor Cribben Merrill
7:00 -- 9:00pm Banquet Dinner at Tanner Atrium, Jewett Center, Westminster College