Aquatic Invertebrates
By: Krysta Behring

Aquatic Food Chain:
•Click on boxes to learn more about each link in the City Creek Food Chain•
Mayflies, stoneflies, and caddis flies are only
a few of the aquatic invertebrates that can be found in City Creek. But, they are found in abundance. By stirring up the leaves and catching water in a net (as shown in picture), and carefully sorting in a collection tray,
many of these organisms will appear. These aquatic invertebrates are vital in the ecology
of City Creek. They are a source of food
for trout as well as the Dipper Bird, which swims under the water to gather them. Many
of the aquatic invertebrates feed on the
leaves that fall from the trees. Decomposition of these leaves, and the aquatic invertebrates, affects the nutrient levels of the creek. Many fishermen even use simulations of the aquatic invertebrates as wet and dry flies.

Taking samples at City Creek (click on picture for closer view)
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