Adult beavers generally weigh over 60 pounds and are a reddish-brown color. They have a hairless tail that is flattened from top to bottom. A beaver's back feet are webbed for swimming while the front legs are smaller and act as bumpers and graspers.

Beavers have the capability of staying under water up to 15 minutes by closing valves to their nostrils and their ears so that water cannot get in. They also have a transparent membrane that protects their eyes, like built in goggles.

Beavers mate for life generally around the age of three and female beavers have kits every spring. The kits stay with their parents for two years and then they go on to find their own territory. There are generally three to four kits within each litter. When they get to the age of one they help take care of the next litter until they go off on their own.


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