Golden Current

(Ribes aureum)

Important ID's

  • Simple, lobed, maple-shaped leaves with coarse teeth
  • Leaves arranged alternately in clusters
  • Yellow flowers clustered at base of leaf clusters and have a spicy scent
  • Golden berries (yellow to orange)


Animal Use

  • Very popular bird berry, especially with Chickadee
  • Bees frequent the heavily nectared flower clusters


Human Use

  • As this is one of the first shrubs to leaf in the spring, Native people ate the young leaves as soon as they could
  • Current berries are an important ingrediant in pemmican, the winter sustanence of many Native poeples
  • Early explorers noted this species as tastier than other current species


Golden Currents are larger and tastier than many other currents. However they do contail a large seed not found in cultivated currents and are emetic when eaten raw in quantity. Cooking the berries removes this effect, so they make wonderful jelly, pies, syrups and even a tart wine. Currents are versitile and can be worked into almost any fruit recipe. The spicy scent of the flowers and their high nectar content make them a tasty nibble.

Flowers bloom early Spring, berries mature mid-July to August.

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