Poison Ivy

(Toxicodendron radicans)

Warning! Poisonous!

Important ID's

  • Three-parted, pointed, compound leaves (sometimes glossy)
  • Leaves grow alternate on stem
  • Flowers extremely inconspicuous
  • White, drooping berry clusters


Animal Use

  • (No specialized animal use)


First Aid (for external contact)

  • Remove contaminated clothing
  • Immediately wash all affected areas with soap and water
  • Apply antihistamine cream
  • Do not break blisters
  • If severe see physician

First Aid (for ingestion)

  • Call Poison Control
  • Induce vomiting
  • Follow up with fluid replacement


Not everyone has the radical skin irritiation that is classic of Poison Ivy. The main toxin, urushiol, is allergenic to humans and each person respons differently. However the toxin is equally distributed throughout the plant, making even touching it highly irritating, but rarely lethal.

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