Saskatoon Serviceberry

(Amelanchier alnifolia)

Important ID's

  • Simple, oval, serrated leaves
  • Leaves grow alternate
  • White to yellow flowers with five petals, close to branch, sweet scent
  • Dark red to purple berries


Animal Use

  • Provides a good mule deer and elk browse
  • Birds and small mammels eat the berries


Human Use

  • Native peoples would crush and dry the berries in cakes for a travel food as well as use in pemmican, a winter staple.
  • Early Utah settlers canned a syrup of the berries


Almost as widespread in its use as the Golden Current, Serviceberry is a sweet, juicy snack; it needs no processing and can even be frozen without harming its flavor. Jellies, syrups and wine are sweet and flavorfull, but fresh berries in pies, muffins and pancakes are a real treat.

Berries mature Mid-Fall but may be absent if plant has a rust infestation.

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