Simple City Creek Food Chain:

The above diagram is a simple food chain of City Creek Canyon. The Sun is

the main energy source for the Oak, Maple, Riparian Trees, and various

other plants of City Creek that supply food for all the herbivores. Insects,

Beaver, and Mule Deer are all herbivores that depend on the plant life that

exists within City Creek. Cougars, Coyotes, badgers and Owls are all

carnivores and the presence of herbivores in City Creek is crucial to their

existence. In City Creek's food chain, as in most food chains, we find

humans, as hunters, at the top.








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Humans hunt Mule Deer and Cougars within City Creek, even though City

Creek is relatively near residential areas like the Avenues of Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake County does have strict regulations for hunting within City Creek

Canyon to try and help minimize the danger of hunting near residential areas.

These regulations include the prohibition of shooting any type of firearm,

including bow and arrows, within 600 ft. of any buildings. With restricted

hunting allowed in upper City Creek Canyon, there are Fish and Games

officer patrolling the area to ensure that all regulations are being met.


You can find hunting proclamations and regulations at the web site for the

Division of Wildlife at All hunting permits for Mule

Deer were sold out for the hunting season of 2001, and to receive a cougar

permit one must apply and then go through a lottery type drawing; thus there

is no guarantee that by applying for a cougar permit that you will receive one.


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