Cougars (Felis concolor) also known as

Mountain Lions or pumas occupy upper City

Creek Canyon in the summer months, and

follow the mule deer herds into lower City

Creek Canyon during the winter (Interview


with Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologist Steve Cranny, Nov. 12,

2001). Cougars can be found as far east as Florida and as far south as

South America. They prey on a variety of mammals and birds, but their

favorite food is the mule deer; which makes up 75 percent of their diet

during the winter. The cougar is a carnivore, a meat eater, and could

arguably be at the top of the City Creek food chain.



Female cougars will bear between one and six cubs at a time and their

breeding occurs throughout the year. Male cougars will mate with the same

females for several consecutive years, until the male is to old and the

dominant role is filled by a younger male cougar. Females can keep

producing for about 12 years before they are too old.

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