An Introduction to the Watershed

Wasatch Front by Joe Borgione. 2001
Senior GIS Analyst
Department of Administrative Services
Division of Information Technology Services
Automated Geographic Reference Center

Located northeast of Salt Lake City, City Creek Canyon is one of seven major canyons on the Wasatch Front. The creek flows year-round and is a major supply of drinking and irrigation water to city residents. In addition to its value as a water source, City Creek Canyon is a premiere destination for recreation activities such as bicycling, hiking, picnics, camping, fishing, and hunting. Ranging from lower elevations of 4,100 ft to Lookout Peak at 9,400 ft, the canyon has a 14 mile long creek at the heart of its 19 square mile watershed. (Hooton, 1990) Millions of years of climate change, volcanic activity, active fault zones, and landslides have created a diverse landscape and dramatic topography. A variety of native plants and animals such as Gambel Oak and Big Tooth Maple, Mule Deer, Scrub Jays, and Dippers are common through out the watershed and play integral roles in this upper riparian habitat.


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