Coyote Diet and Feeding Habits

Coyote Scavenging

Grouse Feathers

Coyotes hunt both day and night. They are very opportunistic feeders with a varied diet which includes scavanging the large kills of other animals. Coyotes are basiclyy carnivores but will also eat insects, fruits, berries, and prickly pear cactus. The coyotes prefered diet includes deer, elk, rabbits mice squirrels, pocket gophers, beavers, ground nesting birds, amphibians, lizards, snails and fish.


The prey species of City Creek are:

Pocket Gopher

The predation of domestic cats and dogs and of sheep and cattle has long been attributed to the coyote. The evidence indicates that coyote predation on sheep and cattle is not that great. They mainly scavange the carcases of livestock already killed. They are very fond of domestic cats and dogs however and as people move into their range they will eagerly include these pets as part of their diet.


Coyotes have a very flexible social behavior and adjust their hunting methods as to the prey size and food sources available. They hunt small animals singly and large animals as a group.