Welcome to Hidden Hollow!!! 

This web site offers a virtual field trip through a small nature preserve in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah. Hidden Hollow is a community greenspace located in the block from 13th East to 11th East, and 21st South to Wilmington Ave, in the Sugar House community of Salt Lake City.

The map to the right (taken from an older U.S. Geological Survey Quadrange map)  shows the Sugarhouse Community area in relationship to Westminster College and other features.  Hidden Hollow is located along Parley's Creek just west of Sugarhouse Park at 13th East and just south of 21st South.

This more detailed map shows some of the existing features such as 
Parley's Creek with existing riparian forest vegetation, small flood control
pond, and future plans for trails and vegetation restoration areas.
Click anywhere on the map to discover the various habitat types in 
Hidden Hollow. 
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Historical Site:
Hidden Hollow is located near a section of  Parley's Creek  that was once the site of the pioneer period, water powered sugar mill that gave the surrounding community the name "Sugar House".  The undeveloped area along the creek was the original Sugar House park before the existing  urban park  was developed in the 1960's east of 13th East on the site of the Old Territorial Prison.   Other  mills and businesses were known to have existed on this historic block
Recent History:  In April of 1990, a recycling project was started at the McIntyre Center (currently being demoished for redevelopment), the business complex in which Hidden Hollow sits.  Students from Hawthorne Elementary School, who were involved in the Kids Organized to Protect our Environment (K.O.P.E.) program, developed the recycling project.  It was on the day of the opening ceremonies for the recycling project  that they discovered Hidden Hollow, instantly recognizing the opportunity it held for them.  The K.O.P.E. kids decided that they wanted to save Hidden Hollow, have it restored, then open it to the community as a park and outdoor classroom.  They embarked upon a long and wonderful journey that has brought Hidden Hollow to the attention of many people.  In 1991 the zoning of Hidden Hollow was changed from commerical to "open space" by the Sugar House Community Council because of a student submitted proposal. 

This is the view from the gate of Hidden Hollow to the west.  The parking lot shown was the site if the recycling program the K.O.P.E. kids started.

Recent Changes
An modern office complex currently exists adjacent to Hidden Hollow as shown in this picture to the east.  An new hotel is also currently under construction at the site of the old Hygea Ice Rink on the north bank of Parley's Creek just to the left of this picture.  If  typical urban landscaping is placed here in Hidden Hollow it is feared that the native plants and wildlife found along the creek will lose their home, to suit the more manicured tastes of the surrounding businesses. 
This website offers you a chance to stroll through Hidden Hollow, see the variety of life it supports, and experience the wonderful things that can be found in our own backyards. 


Black capped Chicadee
Annual sunflower
The choice now lies with you...the variety of plants and wildlife found in Hidden Hollow, and along other streams in Salt Lake County is wonderful.  Which are you most curious about?
Click on the following  links to continue your exploration of Hidden Hollow:
Oak Shrub Habitat
(Gambell oaks and other associated shrubs and animals)
Streamside Forest Habitat
(Cottonwoods and Willow trees and associated animals)
Upland Habitat
(Box Elder trees and other native grasses and shrubs)
The Water Habitat
(Parley's Creek and the organisms which live there)