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If you have WebTV, I recommend moving out of the stone age and to prepare for the twenty first century. To become JAVA compatible, I recommend downloading a newer browser from Netscape in order to get the most from the web and from this website.

Vintage VWs aren't just cool, they're air cooled!

December 12, 2000-

    Hmm...Where to begin...Since I left you all last, there has been much VW progress. Funkdoobious has been painted and looks very different. I have a lot of pictures, but I haven't done any work to them yet. Finals are over, and the college has undergone some security changes. With these security changes, the way our pages are displayed on the web has changed. So, you're looking at this page through a Novell filesystem mounted on a Sun Solaris web server. How's about that? I'd host the page on my Linux machine, but the Novell machine is a little more permanent. As of this point, Jaymes (#2 linux machine in my office) has been up for 35 days.

    But I digress. Apart from the new address, here are some newsworthy points:

  • Funkdoobious has been painted! He's now Desert Green Pearl Effect (a 2000 Audi TT color).
  • I still work in Information Technology in Westminter College
  • I am not close to finishing school quite yet...
  • I bought a 2000 New Beetle in October
  •     So, the New Beetle thing may seem like a total travesty. Don't get me wrong, I love Funkdoobious and all aircooled Volkswagens. However, I don't have enough time to pay constant attention to him at the moment, plus with the amount of driving that I do now, it helps (mucho) to have a quick car. The Newbie is a 1.8 turbo, and is named Scooter. I'll get some more info about this on a different website as soon as I've got all the Funkdoobious news up. Soon folks...soon. Christmas break means fun fun fun on the web =).

    March 23, 2000-

        Ok Ok, so I've fallen into the typical bad webmaster mode. I am sorry. Work does not allow me to play with the website during the day, and at night, I don't usually find the time to sit at the computer for hours on end again. I also realized that the Aircool 2.0 website that I was working on is just dumb. I was using Net Objects Fusion, but I've found that it just doesn't do some of the things I want it to do. So, I'm back to TextPad and a lot of tinkering again. Oh well. I am going to try to start from scratch to re-make a new HTML aircool mainpage, but ... ya ya, you've heard that before. I"ll keep you all posted.

        Funkdoobious is green now too. I have the new headliner in right now, but some of the other more important things (like spindles and front brakes) will have to come later (sooner!). I will see if I can get some digital pictures of the new paint job that actually are nice to look at.

        There have been some changes in my school's webserver arrangement, which explains why this site hasn't been updated in a long time. New logins, new security to work with, new everything. So, after you read this, updating this site wont be as painlful for me. Can you understand that? I think I'm going to bed.....zzzzz.....

    October 24, 1999-

        Hello aircooled VW fanatics =)! How are you all doing today? Well, I hope you are doing well. I am doing OK at the sister brought back some beer for me from Portland to try is much better than Utah beer. If you don't know, Utah liquore laws are very strict. Beer can only have about half the alcohol content as beer in other states. In other news, the Westminster web server is beginning to show signs of sickness. A lack of RAM in the server is slowing things down slightly, and causing it to crash every now and then now. It's an IRIX system. What else needs to be said? This means that Aircool might be down on some occasions. If you can't reach this site sometimes, it isn't permanent so try again later. By early December, the entire system will be moved to a new Sun box, which is a powerhouse even by today's standards.

        As far as actual VW news goes, Funkdoobious is not painted yet...surprise surprise. I think I am going to try to find a professional to weld the front clip assembly on, since I don't really have the time to line it up right, and quite honestly, I can't weld...I figure it would take me a while to learn how to weld sheet metal good enough to have the skills to operate on Funkdoobious. Oh well. Maybe some other time. Aircool 2.0 is progressing slowly still: It will be Aircool 2.0, and not Aircool 2000. I am thinking that there will be an explosion of websites with the number 2000 in the names, so I am choosing not to go with the trend. Screw the 2000 websites.

    September 16, 1999-

        Our computer network here on campus is suffering at the moment from some sort of Novell gremlin or something of that nature. But, I am still able to upload something to this site! Woohoo! A lot has happened since I talked to you all last. I am a bad webmaster, I know I know...I promise updates and don't follow through. If it is any consolation, there is an Aircool 2.0 on the web, but I don't want to release the address. I am just going to give up on the DHTML and JavaScript mix as it is proving to be a major pain. I am going to be doing mucho sanding and bodywork on Funkdoobious in the coming weekends, in hopes that I can have him painted before October rolls around. I will get some pics as soon as the paint is on. Hopefully he'll look 1000% better. I just found a huge stash of Ska I'm a happy camper right now. Until a few days from now, take it easy everyone! I'm not gone forever, I'm still here and I *will* update soon!

    June 14, 1999-

        Wow! Index.html looks different. I was this close (holding my pinky to my thumb) to putting Aircool 2.0 on the web, but decided not to since there are still too many holes and glitches to release it: I was about to pull a Microsoft. Hopefully, it will be ready to release soon!


    This site was created by Ben Knorr
    and was last modified on December 12,
    2000 at 11:42 PM MT


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