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What is going on here?!

Funkdoobious is being worked on almost every day now! More info before the end of May! I PROMISE!
    I haven't had a lot of time to put all of the pictures of my car up here. I have over 6 MB of pictures on my machine, plus some here and there on floppys, a few on my CD-RW, and maybe some more floating around somewhere else, but, it has been hectic trying to get them all in the same place, and trying to get them all identified. I am not an irresponsible webmaster who posts all sorts of pictures, and lets the end user figure out what is what. I'm going for quality here for you folks! The above picture is me sometime last fall, when I was working on my engine. I am not sure why I looked that way...and the part about the cracked engine case is true (at least it was the summer before last). Hopefully we'll be up and running in April or May! The new engine is dying for some action. By the way, if you haven't heard already, my car's name is Funkdoobious, and he is a '69. I thought it would be cool to make him look older, but unfortunatley I rear ended some lady during my senior year of high school (defective Mexican brake light switch on my front circuit: GRR), and was forced to reconstruct the front of the car. D'oh! I was thinking since the front fenders, front clip, and hood were totally destroyed, I would look for a pre '67 section for the front. The first thing I did was bolt up a pair of pre '67 fenders to the smashed up front end. This was pretty ugly: a brown fender on one side, a primer grey fender on the other side, and a "smashed all to hell" brand hood/front clip. Rust was trickling down the old cracked paint every day. Fortunatley, this summer, I found a '61 front clip that wasn't in too bad of shape. It wasn't ever hit, and only had minor rust. Whew! I was surprised how light the entire assembly was. I could hold the entire front section of the body from a few inches behind the gas tank to the front apron with ONE hand! Try that with any other car! Anyway, I used a sawzall (sp?), and cut the crap out of the old front end. I had to use a hack saw for the fuel tank rails, which was a pain, but I got it all cut off eventually. I wanted to get the '61 front clip welded on, but I ran out of time and money by the end of summer. I got a rivet gun, and learned how to rivet it all together one afternoon. It doesn't look too shabby from the outside afterwards. Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I got the '67 hood for FREE at a swap meet. The guy that brought it didn't want to take it back in his truck, so he gave it away to the first person who would grab it. Whew! Just a few rust patches, but nothing major!

The list below is of things I want to do this spring/summer. There should be more insanity coming later. I will try and find all my actual photographs this weekend, and get them scanned, and get some pictures in this section. I will also get some pictures of my '56 which I owned for a year or so. G'night!

Funkdoobious in the street

  • fix the *new* engine's oil leak
  • clean the exhaust system
  • clean and paint the heater boxes
  • clean, paint some tins, replace others
  • replace transmission (again)
  • repair IRS: install pin on passenger's side
  • weld crack in body-to-suspension connection
  • patch holes in pan, and in front with some sort of temporary anti-rust coating
  • replace front ball joints and recondition front beam
  • replace tie rods and tie rod ends
  • install new steering coupler
  • clean and check out steering box
  • clean and paint gas tank
  • clean up trunk
  • re-wire front end and clean up wiring around harness in front
  • install all new turn signal/headlight seals for front and rear
  • polish turn signal reflectors (front and rear)
  • refurbish headlight buckets
  • cut and weld the new front end
  • try to seal front trunk (for winter)
  • bolt new window cranks in or....
  • replace doors
  • improvise fan system for interior
  • remove headliner
  • remove existing carpet
  • clean interior
  • do body work (yea, that's a lot!)
  • paint car
  • install new headliner
  • install new carpet
  • wire speedo correctly (all warning lights/indicator lights)
  • wire fuel gauge
  • fix windshield wiper motor and switch
  • install the CB radio/antenna
  • install stereo (if I get one?)
  • replace front tires
  • get alignment done
  • refurbish rear tail lights
  • replace visors and rear view mirror
  • install driver's side mirror
  • replace window seals all around
  • clean and paint entire engine compartment
  • and more to come later....?
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