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VW Concept 1

    Volkswagen will undoubltedly be a major automotive player in the not too-distant future. From Volkswagen's begginnings with the Beetle, one might expect the company to use a humble approach to making cars. This was true a long time ago, but today, the company is as modern as any, and has its sights set on new terretory.

    Some contents of these pages are of a water cooled nature. This page is mainly devoted to aircooled Volkswagens (hence the name Aircool). However, Aircool does not have negative opinions of water cooled Volkswagens. Aircool is just trying to show you what Volkswagen is doing today.

    Right now, as I type, the classic Beetle is still being produced by Volkswagen of Mexico. Up until '93, it was also produced in Brazil. Before you get your hopes up on importing one of these, just remember that here in the USA, they aren't legal. As it turns out, since they would be considered "new cars" (as would any other car made in '98) if imported, they wouldn't comply with current American safety standards. The only legal way to import a "new" classic Beetle into the USA is to go through several steps. First, you need to find a good used Beetle floor-pan. Then, you need to take it down to the VW plant in Mexico, and buy a new classic Beetle. Then, it is as simple as taking off the new pan, and installing the old pan in its place. Now, the feds over here think its an older Beetle, when infact it is almost totally new. There are several companies that do this, and sell the "new" Beetles here, and its all legal. But then again, I'm sure if you really wanted a new classic Beetle, you could always weld in a new VIN number on the chassis and make it look original.....but that is illegal kids. *wink* I have no idea when Volkswagen will stop production of these classics, but I doubt it will be anytime soon. I'm betting at least another 10 years. That means I have to get a truck and buy a bunch of surplus parts down there before it's too late...

    New Beetle production in Mexico isn't in full swing yet. As far as I know, they are trying to kick out 50,000 of them this year. Then, in years following, they will make more each year. Sounds like the New Beetle fad will eventually die down. Perhaps in a few years you could go and get a 4wd VR6 (or even W12: read about that in the next page!) for peanuts.

    In a few years, possibly as early as 2000, Volkswagen will unveil a totally new luxury car. Yes, Volkswagen is going high-class to compete against another German company: Mercedes Benz. I am curious to see what these new luxury cars will look like. They will certainly have the most unusual engine option of any luxury car: the W12 (I told you already, read about it in the next page!).

    In a surprise move I never saw coming, VW is also planning on producing their new supercar: the same one that appeared at the Tokyo motorshow. I guess their supercar will be called the W12, since it does use the W12 engine...

This page was created by Ben Knorr
and was last modified on October 15,
1998 at 1:32 AM MT

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