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Over the last few weeks, I have bought several new Volkswagen toys. Hopefully, I wont look for any more "good deals" anymore, and I will just try and save for college, like I should be doing right now instead of buying more VW toys. I have done this with real cars too.....scary....Anyway, all of the toys in this page, and in the following pages are in my collection.
Hot Wheels #171 Bug

I picked this one up at the BuggCraft spring swap meet earlier this year. I was 18 dollars ahead after selling some junk, so I decided to pick up a toy for a couple bucks. I have never seen one of these in a store, but then again , when they came out, I didn't even look for them. Right now, I have 3 of these.

Hot Wheels #6/12 First Edition Drag Bus
This is the #6 out of 12 Hot Wheels First Edition bus from 1996. The bus I got was out of the package, like this one, so it was a lot cheaper. This was Hot Wheels' first use of this casting style. There were many other busses with different paint styles produced after this. None, however, were produced in great numbers. Aside from the Hot Wheels "Internet Bus", and the JC Whitney drag bus, this has been the most expensive Hot Wheels Bus I have ever seen. These busses also feature folding bodies: on the inside, there is a partially detailed driver's seat with roll cage, and a big engine complete with a racing stinger that comes out the rear of the bus.

Hot Wheels Blue Angels Drag Bus
This is another one of the VW Drag busses I have in my little collection. I have heard these busses were only available at airshows where the Blue Angels were in attendance, but I don't know for sure. Also, I have heard once or twice that there were only 20,000 of these made. Whatever the case may be, this is one smooth looking bus. From this side, you can see how big the rear tires really are. Also, from what I understand, these busses are the heaviest Hot Wheels vehicles ever produced. Cool! They sure are heavier than they look. The Blue Angels bus I have is in a double plastic protected case, so I wont be tempted to break it out and play with it. It would be very cool if some person had enough $$ to make a real drag bus like this...but then again, I don't think anyone makes slicks this big!

Matchbox Taco Bell edition Concept 1
This is the now infamous Taco Bell Concept 1. It was only available at Taco Bell restaurants for about a week, give or take a few days in some places. There were 3 other cars to be collected, but....really folks, I don't think we care. I only picked up 4 cars. I opened one, and am keeping the other 3 for a rainy day, incase they are worth more in a few years. I do know someone that has more than 10 of that's a good idea. Originally, they were $.99 from Taco Bell: I have seen them go for as high as $5.50, but now that all the panic has subsided, they are going for a lot cheaper (usually from $1.50-$4.00 each).

Hot Wheels All Transmission & Lube bus
Here is another one of the Hot Wheels drag busses: this one is an All Transmission & Lube bus. It looks pretty nifty with the flames going down the sides: and it even has gold colored wheels, and a yellow VW logo on the front of the bus. Cool! As I have heard, most of these busses were shipped to the AT&L places with disregard for the care of the backing cards, so most of these have partially damaged (non-mint) backing cards. No big deal though, they're still cool to look at.

New Beetle Fan collector pin
Almost a year ago, I went to the Volkswagen New Beetle site and signed myself up as an official New Beetle Fan. Within a month or two, I recieved this neat little New Beetle pin in the mail (express mail that is..) from Germany: wow! These guys spared no expense! Since then, I have been wearing the pin whenever possible, and waiting for VW to send more stuff. I also got some cool New Beetle postcards in the mail, along with a few New Beetle posters....lucky me!

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