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Hot Wheels Van de Kamp's 'fish sticks' bus

This is the Van de Kamp's edition of the Hot Wheels drag bus. It is bright green in color: it is definetely something that will not get lost among the other toys in anyone's collection! To get this bus, one would have to buy tons of fish sticks, and send in the UPCs. I actually know some people that will be eating fish sticks (at least their kids will be) from now until the end of time. Believe it or not, these are the cheapest Hot Wheels busses out there, except for the pearl white CD-ROM bus that can go for about the same price by itself. There were only 50,000 of these made. Also, check out the card the bus is on!

Matchbox Lesney #7 1976 Golf
I have had this toy ever since I could remember. This toy was orignally produced in 1976, and back then, it was only produced in England. It even has a hitch so it can "pull" little toy trailers. I only had a little camper trailer...but it was cool.

Die cast VW Beetle
This is a somewhat larger toy (at least when compared to Hot Wheels). I got it about 2 years ago at Christmas from my girlfriend's friend. I don't know where she found it, but it's cool. You can't see it in this picture, but it is an oval window. The side doors even open on this one.

New-Ray Concept 1
My parents picked this one up on their trip to Germany/Austria earlier this year. I have never seen one of these toys locally, but I guess they aren't super-rare. I really like it, since it comes in a cool plastic flip-top display case. Definetely a good one to show. It is made by a company called "New-Ray."

RoadTough Karmann Ghia
I just found this one a few weeks ago at a local toy store. I don't think it is rare yet, but I haven't seen any 1:18 scale Ghias around...yet. Hopefully I wont be tempted to break this one out of the box for some time, since I still have two different 1:18 scale Beetles out of boxes to play with.

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