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Maisto Beetle

I got two of these for Christmast last year: one for me, and one to give to my brother. I couldn't resist getting just one for him, so I decided to "give" myself one. I really like this one: it came in a small box, and..I haven't seen this type of car in any store since that one day in December..whew!

Kintoy Music Beetle
I walked into my room one day, and this was just lying on my bed. I have no idea who left it there, but I like it. It doesn't actually play music, but it sure looks neat. It has a windup motor, and goes pretty fast for its size. I have seen several Herbie versions of this car lately...

Hot Wheels CD-ROM Bus
I got this one by itself, but originally, it came out of a Hot Wheels CD-ROM sticker designing package. Sure, you could get the package so you can design cool stickers, but I think most people are just getting these packages so they can get plain old pearl white buses that are ready to customize. I guess these are quite popular with customizers...if I knew how to paint, I would make this one look a little better.

Recycled Beetle pen holder
Another treasure my parents brought back from Germany. If you've heard about the nifty little Concept 1 pen holders that were made from a machine at an autoshow, you know, when old plastic bumpers are put into one end, and out the other comes a cool new Concept 1 toy? Well, this is the same thing, but it is a Beetle toy, and it was never in any car show. It was made from recycled Golf bumpers in Germany though, that's all I know.

Tootsie Toy Beetle
I was a nice guy for Valentine's day this year, so my girlfriend was really cool and found this one for me. It is in prettygood shape, and is slightly larger than a normal sized Hot Wheels car. It still has almost all of its original paint on it and everything. It even rolls freely!

Hot Wheels #472 Fahrvergnugen Golf
There have been a lot of these around here in the last year. I haven't seen many lately, they do still exist in new packages. I don't think this one is rare at all, but hey, it's fun to have.

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