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Wiking HO scale Beetle cabriolet

Ah, this must be the last Beetle my parents brought back from Germany. They got this at a model railroad store over there, so I guess you could also get it here if you wanted to. The ones here are like 20 bucks or something.. which sounds a little steep for a car this small. I just like it because it comes in a nice little plastic box, so it wont get too dusty when sitting on my computer desk as I type this toys page at 1:44AM in the morning (does it show?).

Tootsie Toy Bug?
I got this when I was a junior in high school. My Chevy friend was cleaning up his backyard, and he found this little toy in what used to be a sandbox. It must have been some previous owner's kids' toy judging from the amount of corrosion on the car. My girlfriend came to the rescue and spend several hours trying to get the rust and dirt off. I am not sure if this degrades the value of the car, but it sure looks better now. I am not sure if it is a Tootsie Toy, but I think it is.

Hot Wheels Baja Beetle
Hot Wheels Baja Beetle
I wish I could remember which cereal box this toy came out of, but yes, it did come out of a cereal box in the late 80s. I didn't have much respect for toys back then, hence the wear and tear on the car. The tires used to be straight, and there used to be readable minuature "goodyear" markings on the tires. You can see parts of them in this picture, but the other side of the car is worse. I heard there were Beetles like this made with white wheels instead of silver, and those are much more rare/$$....but I am not totally sure about it.

Die Cast Beetle cabriolet
I have one of these in sedan form, and one in convertible form. I can't remember who made these, but they were pretty much standard carnival prize issue. I took one to school one day when I was a senior in high school, and 2 guys in my physics class buzzed it across the carpeted floor several dozen times.. and it eventually suffered a broken bumper mount. They are sure powerful pull-back windup cars.

Volkswagen Micro Machines
I thought these had been sold out a long time ago. I got the #9 set at a grocery store over a year ago. I am still seeing #9 and #5 around here in most toy stores. #10 was shipped to me from a friend in Nevada, which is cool, because I have never seen this set out here. I have 2 #9 sets, and 4 #5 sets, and only one #10. Each set except the single #10 set comes in a special 2pack of Micro Machines. (no, these 3 sets don't come together).

My toys This is where most of my toys have sat this year: on my teeny little computer desk. I don't do homework on this desk, as there isn't any room. There is barely any real estate for a keyboard and mouse next to everything. The two final toys I will try to mention are the two big Beetles in the foreground. One of them is a Maisto '51, and the other is a Road Tough '67. They're fully functional, and the orange one even has working suspension. Way cool!
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