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D'oh! I can't believe they did that to a VW!
23 window bus with famous worldly monuments artwork

    With over 20 million Beetles built since the 1940's, there has also been a fair share of chopped up and mutilated Beetles. Some Beetles get treated to chopped tops, a modification that was popular in the 1970s, but is still comon today. Some busses get unusual paint jobs, or become the tool of some wacko's imagination, while others are produced to be different than most busses.

    One thing is clear. Volkswagens go beyond their stock forms almost always today. In some cases, they radically depart from their original states. In these pages, you can see almost all of the pictures I have of "unusual Volkswagens." Almost all of them are real enough that they can and are driven, some others are just built to look strange, but aren't ever used, and some are just examples of what can be done with modern photo editing programs.

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This is just an example of what some people do to their cars. There are several Volkswagen Beetle limousines in existence (as of today, there aren't any New Beetle Limousines yet), there is at least one Microbus limousine, and, well, you can see for yourself what some people already want to do.
New Beetle limousine